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  • The Best And The Rest

    30 years of unforgettable duo Ayrton Senna and McLaren MP4/4

  • Unique Gallery

    Our first very own gallery in the heart of Prague is open

  • The White Dame

    Celebrating 60th anniversary with Maserati's first GT car

  • Automobilist.com

    Visit our new store for automotive design posters, collector's edition items, books, and more

  • When Sex Was Safe

    Our first book by the fantastic duo behind WAFT

  • Hunting For Victory

    Celebrating the 40th anniversary of James Hunt’s World Championship

Fine Art Print Gallery

A journey of passion, drive and discovery

Unique & Limited is a team of artists and creative thinkers; automotive enthusiasts and perfectionists. We create artwork in a way that reflects our name – our methods are unique, and our finished pieces are limited.

Program Unique

A truly personal piece of art

Want to bring an historic event back to life that means a lot to you? Our Program Unique enables you to commission our team to re-energize your own memories.
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