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About us

A journey of passion, drive and discovery

Unique & Limited is a team of artists and creative thinkers; producers and directors; automotive enthusiasts and perfectionists. We create artwork in a way that reflects our name – our methods are unique, and our finished pieces are limited.

Our journey began by pursuing our passion for history, precision and technology – and so far, it’s taken us places we never dreamt. But we haven’t reached our destination yet. We’ll continue pushing the boundaries, because we go the extra mile for our art.

“Our mission is to re-energize inspiring stories by using modern technology to create premium large-scale prints. We want both present and future generations to be able to experience history like never before.”

Never seen before

We recapture historic moments with fresh angles and original perspectives – no longer restricted by limitations of the past.

Art and technology

A combination of professional photography and cutting-edge computer graphics allow us to revive iconic moments and recreate them for the modern age.


Meticulously developed, we spend days and weeks on research to guarantee every detail is accurate – from the grandest sunset, down to the smallest nut and bolt.

Level of detail

Attention to detail means an average of 1000 hours is devoted to rebuilding each vehicle. A single image requires approximately 2-3 months of craft, with a team of 8 highly talented individuals, and up to 50 crew and cast.

What started as simple labour of love soon turned into 2 and a half years of hard work, requiring all kinds of financial and human resources. But it seemed people were enjoying our work, and after attending the famous Festival of Speed in Goodwood in 2014, my vision became quite the success. So, we’ve decided to expand our collection, and feature other great stories that deserve to be remembered – something that has never been done before.

Our team may be relatively modest in its size, but each one of us brings a broad range of skills. Together we’re artists and creative thinkers; producers and directors; automotive enthusiasts and perfectionists – all in one.

Our three founding members are the driving force behind every piece of work we create. Artists, Jan and Petr, head up every stage of the creative process from initial sketch through to final composition, while our official representative, Isabell, takes care of almost every other aspect beyond the actual creation of artwork.

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do creating it.

Rambousek signature

Jan Rambousek

Lead artist and founder

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