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Printing and Materials

Discover the highest standards on the market

We spend thousands of hours creating each piece of art; so it’s vital that the printing and materials we use meets our exceptionally high standards. That’s why we only use the very best Epson fine art printers, and premium Hahnemühle paper due to its fine texture, which guarantees long lasting color and saturation.

Formats and Editions

Choose a size that suits you best

Every home or office is different, so we’ve made each of our fine art prints available in a number of sizes – meaning there’s something to suit every space. Choose from a limited amount of medium or large prints, or get in touch to enquire about our extra large versions.


Feel assured with our seal of approval

Each piece of art comes with a certificate of authentication, indicating that you have purchased an original work. In addition, each has a silver plaque detailing its unique number. And to really guarantee genuineness, all of our images are hand-signed by the man who initiated turning historical moments into works of art – Jan Rambousek.

Signed and numbered

All of our artworks are signed by our main artist. They are also individually numbered to show that they are part of a limited edition.


Certificate of authenticity

Each piece of art comes with its own certificate of authentication, indicating that you have purchased an original work.


The silver plaque

The silver plaque that comes with each print represents its part of a wider collection. It also includes the piece’s unique number.


Finish off your artwork in style

As part of our offering, we provide the option to frame your artwork for you. The frames we use are hand-made with the highest quality materials. They include anti-reflective and UV-protective glass that ensures nothing can stop you from enjoying the artwork inside.
Oak - Dark
Oak - Black
Oak - Natural
Oak - Light
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UV Protective

Using only high quality UV protective and anti-reflective glass for all our frames.



Receive your artwork promptly and with precision

When it comes to packaging and delivery, we do everything we can to get your artwork to you as quickly and safely as possible. For none-framed prints, we roll the prints in tubes – the best way to prevent creasing. And for framed items, we very carefully package them to prevent chips and scuffs. All items typically take 1-2 weeks to prepare, and then shipping (worldwide) takes between 1 and 4 business days.