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When Sex Was Safe - Unique & Limited by Waft


There was a time ‘When Sex Was Safe and Motor Racing Bloody Dangerous’. But what was it like? And what exactly happened?

Our first ever book – made possible by the talented automotive publishers, Waft – tells the stories behind some of the most thrilling moments in racing history, accompanied by 21 of our breathtaking and meticulously crafted artworks. It’s a book we’re immensely proud of, and one that anyone can easily lose themselves in.

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Details: Language: English, Format: 300×300 mm / Hardcover, Pages: 253
Historical stories

Historical stories

When fact is better than fiction

Many of the historically accurate stories behind our artworks are more exciting, more sensational and more gripping than any kind of motorracing fiction. From a last-gasp mid-race driver swap, to a racing heroine who out-drove her male counterparts, the stories are truly awe-inspiring.

Historical stories

Behind the scenes

What it takes to achieve perfection

Delve behind the scenes and see how some of our most iconic pieces were crafted from sketch to final execution – with images and insightful descriptions that reveal the extent of the research, planning, CGI, photo shoots and composition that go into each artwork.

Historical stories


Pushing precision to the limit

For the first time ever, we’ve reproduced high-resolution close-ups that show exactly how much detail lies within our artworks. You’ll see why a single image requires approximately 3-5 months of craft, with a team of 5 highly talented individuals, and up to 50 crew and cast.

Featured artworks

Featured artworks

Bringing history back to life

Every one of our artworks has its own special story, and by reading about the ones in our book, you’ll see why we chose to recreate them with the level of respect they deserve. Explore the thumbnails below to see which ones have been featured in ‘When Sex Was Safe’.

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