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For truly personal pieces of art

We go to great lengths to recreate well-renowned historic moments, but just imagine if you could bring your own memories to life with the same level of detail? Well, now you can. Program Unique enables you – or you company – to tell your own stories; recreate events that are important to you; and re-live moments that are totally unique.
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Unique & Limited Gallery 2016. Client: McLaren Racing.
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Each project typically takes between 3-5 months and involves up to 15 specialists.
The pricetag for such creations is as unique as the artwork process itself, but costs usually start at $50,000.

Case study

McLaren and James Hunt’s World Championship 40th anniversary (2016)

McLaren approached Unique & Limited looking to commemorate and celebrate the defining moment of James Hunt’s career: the Japanese Grand Prix of 1976, where he secured his only world title. We were honored to be involved with such a special project: a job that would take over 1600 man-hours, and many months to create.
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Watch our ‘making of’ video

We were fortunate enough to work with James Hunt’s son, Freddie, who graciously agreed to be a part of the artwork’s development process – playing the part of his father in our video shoot.

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    The concept

    The idea behind our main piece of art was to show Hunt in pursuit of his world title – one that seemed unlikely earlier on in the season.

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    The shoot

    When it came to shooting the imagery required to create this artwork, we really pulled out all the stops, enlisting Freddie Hunt to play the part of his father.

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    The production

    “Unique & Limited artwork is amazing. The recreation of historic events in this manner is great because it keeps it alive… it sort of brings it back to life.” Freddie Hunt

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    The development

    In order to accurately depict the M23, we created the car from scratch, using 3D modeling to painstakingly piece together every single element.

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    The detailing

    Battered and bruised by adverse weather conditions, we wanted to depict Hunt’s M23 exactly as it would have been during the race.

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    The artwork

    Next came the labor-intensive job of placing the 3D model into an authentic race setting –taking care to ensure the conditions and lighting were just right.

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    The end result

    Printed on an especially large format, our main piece of artwork now sits proudly in McLaren’s factory, on display with the M23 itself.

“Our first encounter with U&L focussed on commemorating James Hunt winning the World Championship in a McLaren M23 forty years ago. It has been a delight working with Unique for a number of reasons: their great creativity, forensic attention to detail and huge enthusiasm in general. The resulting images capture remarkably the motorsport achievements and excitement of 1976!”

Nigel Moss


Team McLaren

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